Pull-up training pants designed to help with the toilet training process.


They are made with a PUL waterproof outer layer, several layers of bamboo terry & microfiber to absorb wees, and a cotton lining so your little one can feel wet to help them understand the aim of toilet training. They feature a wide hourglass absorbency zone to give maximum leak protection with a little pocket at the back to make it easy to boost them with extra absorbency.


Although they are very absorbent, training pants are designed to catch one wee and then be changed - not to be a substitute for a nappy as they have less absorbency.


If you need to add in some extra absorbency for nights/long trips, etc. then you can click here to add one of our bamboo or hemp booster inserts


Training pants are non-returnable for hygiene reasons.  


Training pants should be worn just like undies with the leg elastics sitting up in the 'undie' line, not around the leg. 
Turn the training pants inside out to dry after washing - they'll dry much faster that way. 


Training Pants

$17.50 Regular Price
$14.00Sale Price
  • SIZES:

    Regular size: 
    Our regular size is aimed to fit a 2-4 year old (approx 10-15kgs)
    Legs: 24-30cm
    Waist: 34-46cm

    Large size:
    Our large size is aimed to fit a 4-6 year old (approx 15-20+kgs) and has 2 rows of rise snaps to help get a better fit.
    Legs: 30-36cm
    Waist: 44-58cm

    Both sizes can technically go a bit bigger but they would be pretty tight on the elastics around the waist and legs so these are the comfortable measurements.

    Due to the soft waist and leg elastics, we've found that each size can fit a wide age range, but of course as each child can be such a different shape and size, we'd recommend trying one pair before ordering in bulk.