Reusable Breast Pads


These super absorbant reusable breast pads are designed to catch and absorb any leaks or let down and provide padded comfort in between feeds.


With waterproof PUL on the outside, three layers of bamboo terry absorbancy inside, and at 12.5cm diameter, these are more absorbant and slightly larger than most nursing pads currently on the market.


Designed with athletic wicking jersey against your skin to quickly wick away any moisture and keep your nipples happy!


Designed in Wanaka in collaboration with Kekoa


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Nursing Pads - 1 Pair

  • 40°C wash recommended (60°C max)

    No bleach, whiteners, vinegar, or softeners

    Avoid sharp objects such as velcro/hook&loop - consider using a wash bag

    Line dry in shade