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After speaking with many parents of our generation, and becoming parents ourselves, we saw that there was a real feeling of responsibility for caring for our planet, following eco-friendly practises and minimising our contribution to waste.


One of the main products that we struggled with as parents was nappies. We knew we should have been using reusable cloth nappies, but as we were both working demanding full-time jobs, the idea of switching from disposables was overwhelming.

Our Cloth Nappy Service was developed to help the busy parents who want to do the right thing for our environment, but just need a little help to do it.

We'll deliver you everything you need to start your cloth nappy journey. You'll have your own supply of nappies, a bin and a liner. We'll also arrange a convenient time to visit for a chat about how everything works, fittings and advice. 

Your fresh supply of quality cloth nappies will be delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We'll pick up the dirties and launder them using our carefully considered eco-friendly products and services. 

Each customer's set of nappies will be laundered separately and you'll always get the same set back in rotation. 

how does our cloth nappy service work?

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